In 1991, a group of established professionals from the communications industry founded Loop Telecom. These industry leaders, with decades of experience and years of service at Verizon, Tellabs and AT&T, realized the largely untapped engineering and production capabilities of Taiwan. Just ten years after founding, with its Western-style engineering and management, Loop Telecom met the earnings, market, and product diversity requirements to go public with its IPO. It is currently traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp., or TSEC (3025).

After finding success in its initial market coverage of just a few countries, including the United States, Russia and Taiwan, Loop Telecom has expanded its market outreach to over 80 countries around the world. Several sales offices have been established including Taiwan, Belgium, the United States and Australia. Several TAC centers (Technical Assistant Center) have been setup including TAC-EMEA in Greece covering EMEA, TAC-CSA in Colombia covering Central and South America, TAC-USA in USA covering North America and TAC-SEA in Malaysia covering South East Asia.

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