OME Motors is a company specialized in the production of electric motors in Italy which are then successfully distributed throughout the world. A historic company rooted in the territory, an international reality with a family production tradition: established in 1960 as Elettrotecnica H. Orsatti - a company specialized in the maintenance of electric machines based in Brescia - the company began producing Electric Asynchronous Motors in 1980 thanks to the subsidiary CME - Costruzioni Meccaniche Elettriche; in the same period it began its internationalization process, establishing important partnerships with foreign companies and starting production also in China, as well as in Italy; in the early 2000s, after having expanded the production of electric motors and having acquired ISO 9001 Certification, it became Orsatti Electric Motors; OME Motors was born instead in 2011 and presents itself as an international company present and active with success not only in Europe but also in the United Arab Emirates. Today Orsatti Group boasts a position of global importance among electric motor manufacturers; all thanks to its long experience in the sector, technological innovation and specialized know-how.

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